Rush at Mohegan Sun Arena

Rush at Mohegan Sun Arena
Subject Rush at Mohegan Sun Arena
DateCreated 7/11/2007 9:19:00 PM
PostedDate 7/11/2007 8:59:00 PM

I saw Rush again. Holy Shit!

It was my 11th Rush concert and I think it might have been the best.

Here's the story.......

I saw Rush on June 27th at the Tweeter Center (formerly known as Great Woods) in Mansfield, MA. It was an excellent show, but a little sloppy. Granted in my opinion a bad night for Rush is better than the best night for just about everyone else. Mansfield is outside, it was 90 degrees out and humid and thousands of people were packed into a little place. The band had some equipment problems too. There were a few less than tight moments for them on stage but, having said that, they were fucking fantastic.

They were so good that night that I started obsessing over the July 9th show at Mohegan Sun Arena. It was the only other New England show, and the only other real chance I had to see them again before traveling to Wisconsin in September. Mohegan is a pretty small venue (about 9,000 seats or so I think) and it sold out real quick.

I kept going back to ticketmaster every so often to see if maybe more tickets were released, but I never had any luck. I tried looking into some ticket agencies too, but I was going to be going to this one alone and couldn't get a single ticket... never mind that the tickets that were available were going for disgustingly high prices. I tried ebay too. I came close a couple of times, but again the final bids were ridiculously high.

Twas the night before the show and I was just about to give up. I had actually already taken the 9th and 10th off, so getting there and getting back would not be a problem... but here we were at about 6:00pm the night before and still no ticket. I had been chatting in a Rush fan chat room during the day and at one point I posted this:


After that I went to dinner and a movie with Jen. (Die Hard... I liked it but for the wrong reason. I thought it was the second funniest movie I've seen this year... Hot Fuzz being the best by far.) when I got home there was a message for me on the Rush chat. I am not allowed to give the other person's name but suffice to say she thought she might have access to a ticket I could buy. She told me she'd get the final cost of the ticket to me around 1:00pm on Monday, the day of the show.

I waited patiently for the email to come. Finally it did! The ticket was in section 5... on the floor. It cost me $101, which was the price the seller paid for the ticket. She had two tickets that were in different sections. The person she had planned to go with backed out the day before the show and she thought she was going to get stuck with it. However, she told one friend her situation and that person told me.

Earlier that day I had prepared myself for the trip to Southern Connecticut. I loaded up the entire Rush catalog onto my iPod and hit the Apple store in Salem, NH to pick up an Airplay Boost. That's one of those accessories that lets to broadcast your iPod to an FM radio. I was ready to take the two hour drive south with the Rush playlist on random. How cool would that be, eh?

By 3:00pm this fat guy was on the road heading for Mohegan. Two hours later I was checked in to a hotel in Groton, CT... the same one Jen and I stayed in when she broke the bank at Foxwoods. Then I was heading back up route 395 heading for Mohegan Sun. Of course being the douche bag I am I managed to get a little lost. But finally around 5:30 I was in the casino and had found the meeting place. I hung around until 6:30. Turns out I was meeting more than the three people I knew of, I was meeting a bunch of members of I got my ticket and met a bunch of similarly obsessed Rush fans. We hung out for a while and then started heading into the arena.

It was a little funny getting into the arena. It seems the folks running things at Mohegan think they are a real arena. The security was ridiculous. I haven't been patted down that thoroughly in years. You couldn't walk around on your own. There were security at every entrance point.

Eventually the hyper security lead me to my seat. Section 5 is on the floor, in the middle, right in front of the sound board. Unquestionably the best seats I've ever had for a Rush show. Let's just say that when they threw t-shirts into the crowd before the encore, I was in range. Kick Ass.

What about the show? It's hard to describe it. They were on fucking fire the whole night. Tight as a drum so to speak. They were wailing the whole time. Both individually and collectively it was the best Rush performance I've ever seen. Everything was as close to perfect as mortal humans on a stage can get. Un-Fucking-Real. Incredible. Amazing. Awesome. Rush.

After the show I hung around for a while with a couple of the forum folks. Good people. Eventually we split up. I wanted to play the $10 my parents had given me in a slot machine. Unlike the Foxwoods trip with Jen (Hi Jenny!) I had been given a strategy for slot machines.

  1. Enter the $10

  2. If the total tops $40 cash out

  3. If you cash out take $10 from the winnings and play that.

  4. Repeat until you fail to cash out.

I played a few spins in a quarter slot and hit for $78. I cashed out and played another $10 and lost it right away. My folks won $68. Luck was with me.

Next I figured I'd give it a shot for myself. I put in $20 and hit $60. I then took $10 and hit for $92. Doing the math, I determined that the casino payed for my concert ticket and most of my hotel. Kick ass.

At that point I decided it was time to head out.  I started wandering around looking for my entrance.  Before I could find it (it is a huge freakin' place after all) I heard my name being shouted from the second floor.  It was the folks who got me into the show.  We hung out for a while longer trading impressions of the show (it was AWESOME!) then hit the Krispy Kreme on the way out.

The day after the show I took my sweet ass time getting home. I hit the pool in the hotel for a while, watched Dead Like Me for an hour (the one where the efficiency expert visits Georgia's office and Mason has to reap the bicycle messenger and Rube goes to the post office and Daisy does the speed dating and Roxy reaps the French bitch at the airport... yeah, that one) before checking out. I went to a 99 to eat lunch and then wandered around Groton, CT for a while before finally taking the long way home.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get into the show, especially she who cannot be named because she wasn't supposed to be there and doesn't want to get busted. Hehe Damn the whole two day trip was fantastic. The only way it could have been better was if Jen were with me. Otherwise, it was just great.


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